Agriculture Land Lease Agreement

By | September 26, 2011

An agriculture land lease agreement is a legal paperwork containing the leasing policies decided between land owner and tenant regarding the lease of an agricultural land. It should be structured in a legal format as acceptable in the court and make all the provisions crystal clear in order to chuck out future misunderstandings or qualms.

You can Download the Free Agriculture Land Lease AgreementĀ form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Agriculture Land Lease AgreementĀ is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Agriculture Land Lease Agreement

Agriculture Land Lease Agreement

Download Agriculture Land Lease Agreement

Agreement number: 483730

This agricultural land lease agreement calls for a leasing transaction of a farmland under certain conditions to provide security to the agreed deed. The participants of the transaction, that is, Mr. Jason Coleman (tenant) and Mr. Ed Duffy (landowner) have entered into an agreement on 6th July, 2011. Further information is provided in the section below.

  • The land is located on an area of 6 acres and the purpose of leasing is restrained to harvesting.
  • The date from which the agreement comes into effect is 5th August, 2011 and the date on which it loses its effect is 5th August, 2012. Participants would be legally allowed to manipulate the lease term by initiating court order.
  • The initial payment of $50,000 has been made via cheque, the proof being given, and the rest of the payment amounting to $30,000 will be made after the expiry of the term. The rentals fixed for every month is $2000.
  • The agreement is validated on the grounds of compliance with customary environmental rules, the list of which is given here. Check the disclaimer on damage to the soil or land parse given at the back.


Jason Coleman

Ed Duffy

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