Aircraft Lease Agreement

By | August 30, 2011

An aircraft lease agreement is primarily an outline of all terms and conditions inherent to the deal of leasing an aircraft, generally for commercial purposes or national or international needs. Aircrafts are generally huge machines and involve a lot of financial as well as technical aspects, which the document so framed is to clearly portray in a way that it can be understood by both the parties involved.

You can Download the Free Aircraft Lease Agreement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Aircraft Lease Agreement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Aircraft Lease Agreement:

Aircraft Lease Agreement

Download Aircraft Lease Agreement

This aircraft lease agreement [number: 823916] is to affirm that all propositions framing the deed have been thoroughly read and understood by both the lessee and the lessor, who have also agreed to solemnly abide by all terms and conditions. Any damage, even if accidental, caused to the aircraft, will be considered as a serious breach of contract and the guilty should henceforth be penalized. The details to be considered as essential portion of the agreement are:

Nature of the lease agreement: Leasing of an aircraft for the event of a corporate tour.

Term of lease validity: 1 year [14th October, 2011 – 15th October, 2012]

Name of the lessor: United Airlines Company

Address: 67 – P/I, Lindsay Properties, San Francisco

Name of the lessee: U.S Aircrafts Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 45 – K/2, Hamlin Towers, San Francisco

Aircraft to be leased: Cezinne IJ/672

The aircraft has been thoroughly checked and observed so as to confirm its functioning. Also, the aircraft is to maintain an optimum level of customer intake during the flying hours.

Total area of aircraft: 5600 square feet

Costs incurred: $67544000

The fuel, lodging and food and other such niceties will be the responsibility of the lessee from now onwards.


  • Fanny Grey
  • Advocate Rupert Hamilton

I swear to have provided all proper details of the issue, true to the best of knowledge, and will sincerely abide by the state penal code and corresponding rules.

___________________________ [lessor’s signature]

___________________________ [lessee’s signature]

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