Alabama Residential Lease

By | June 4, 2012

Alabama residential lease is the document prepared to lease out the property in Alabama. It is for the residents of Alabama and for Alabama property management companies to lease out residential properties in Alabama area. These types of leases contain the details of the parties involved and various terms and conditions that are agreed between them.

Sample Alabama Residential Lease:

As per this lease document, the lessor Herzl Jane has agreed to lease out his apartment located at Kelly Road, V-98 Alabama to Johansson Darkle who is hereafter referred to as the lessee . This lease agreement is valid for a period of one year.

The terms and conditions of the lease are as follows:

  • The apartment is given for rent to the lessee for the period of 1 year for which the lessee has to pay the rent of $3000 per month along with a security deposit of $ 5000.
  • The rent must reach the lessor by the first week of every month and it must run as an advance for each month.
  • The lessee has to use the apartment for dwelling use and cannot sublet the apartment to someone else without the permission of the lessor.
  • The lessee has to look after the maintenance of the property and has to look after any damages if any.
  • Both the parties have to agree to all the terms and conditions of the lease. Any violation to the rules and regulations will lead to legal implications.

Signature of the Lessor:                                                          Signature of the Lessee:

Date:                                                                                                Date:

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