Arizona Residential Lease

By | June 4, 2012

Arizona residential lease is the lease document prepared for the residents of Arizona or by the companies managing properties in the region of Arizona. In this lease the details of the owner/lessor along with the details of the lessee/ tenants have to be mentioned clearly. Every lease has a fixed tenure after which it expires off. The lease will also have the specific rules and regulations applicable in Arizona.

Sample Arizona Residential Lease:

This residential rental lease is taking place between the following parties:

  • Lessor: Richard Kent
  • Lessee: David Lehigh

As per the lease, the lessor will lease out his 4-bedroom apartment locate at S-78, McDowell Mountain road, Arizona which has the area of 1800 sq ft. to the lessee.

Duration of Lease: 1 year

Date of commencement of the lease: 15.7.2011

Various terms and conditions to be followed by the parties are as follows:

  • The lessee has agreed to take the apartment on rent and the lease will commence from 15th July.
  • The rent for the apartment will be $2000 which has to be paid in advance for each month. The lessee will also have to give the security deposit of $6000.
  • Both the lessor and lessee have to sign the lease at the assessor’s office in Arizona.
  • The apartment has to be maintained by the lessee and they will have to repair the apartment for any damage caused by them.
  • The municipal taxes have to be paid by the lessee during the lease period.

Signature of the Lessor:

Signature of the Lessee:

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