Automobile Lease Contract

By | July 11, 2012

An automobile lease contract is formulated between a lessor and a lessee, where the lessor is the party who puts an automobile on lease and the lessee is the party who agrees to pay a lease amount for the usage of the automobile for certain duration of time. Given below is a sample of an automobile lease contract.

Sample Automobile Lease Contract

The automobile lease contract is entered on 2nd July 2011 and will terminate on 2nd July 2013.

This contract states that Mr. Harrison ford agrees to lease the car to Mr. john parker for a time period of two years, on the basis of the agreed terms and conditions of the lease given below.

Lessor Details:

Name of lessor: Mr. Harrison ford (car owner)

Address: flat no. 14, main street, Birmingham, UK

Contact no. 9810032245

Lessee Details:

Name of the lessee: Mr. john parker

Address: 32 b west course, Birmingham, UK

Contact no. 3286659992

Model of the car: Toyota, car plate no. 626 B66

Terms and conditions for the lease:

  1. The lessor agrees to lease the car to the lessee for a time period of 2 years on the basis of the given terms and conditions.
  2. The lessee agrees to rent the car for the amount of 2000$ which is to be paid each year to the lessor in cash on the first of every month.
  3. The lessor takes full responsibility of the working condition of the car and ensures that none of its parts are damaged. All the important documents of the car would be handed to the lessee till the date of termination.
  4. If the lessee causes any damage to the car after the termination period then he is required to further pay an amount of 2500$ to the lessor.

Both the parties agree to all the terms and conditions under the presence of the attorney Mr. will Thomson

Signature of the lessor: ________

Signature of the lessee: ____________

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