Best Lease Deal

By | December 17, 2011

A best lease deal is a condition wherein the lessor and the lessee formalize a lease process with a feeling of satisfaction that the money invested and the property leased are worth it. It is a deal which finds maximum support and endorsement. Thus the construction of such a document should focus more on the advantages of the deal.

Sample Best Lease Deal

Best Lease Deal for House Possession

Mr. Jonson Marley (landlord) has agreed to the following:

  • Rent out an apartment located at 7, Kimberley Road, Northshire along with a kitchen garden, store house and basement
  • Ensure that the premises will be vacant and free of use
  • Make arrangements for cleaning and painting to ensure that house is in good state
  • Repair and replace broken, corroded and damaged furniture in the house

Mr. Jack Roll (proposed tenant) has agreed to the following:

  • Take possession of the house from 6th January, 2011, 10 in the morning
  • Vacate house on 8th January, 2013, 10 in the morning
  • Ensure that the condition of all the items is preserved and maintained
  • Use the premises only for residential purpose

It is important to note here that:

  • The landlord will not be responsible for the activities performed by the tenant or his family members within the premises
  • The landlord will not take responsibility of the tenants under any circumstances be it health, legal or official.
  • All payments will have to be made by 6th of every month.[refer chart]

Signatures: Jonson Marley

Jack Roll

Dated: 6th December, 2010

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