BMW Lease Deal

By | December 17, 2011

A BMW lease deal is a document which highlights the nuances of a BMW lease agreement, outlining its terms and conditions and various elements which form a part of this legal document. Such a document is affected between a lessor, usually the local BMW dealer in an area, and the lessee, the individual or corporate customer. A BMW lease deal is like any other auto lease deal and follows the same pattern. All the important clauses must be mentioned carefully so that there is no ambiguity.

Sample BMW Lease Deal:

The following document is a BMW lease deal. Mentioned below are the particulars of the lease deal:

Name of lessor: Car-free Agency, Kensington Park, London

Name of lessee: Duncans Inc., Madison County Street, London

Name of BMW model to be leased: BMW Volga 4

Number of cars to be leased: 10

Purpose of leasing: Corporate event. The ten BMWs shall be used by the company to cater to its international delegates.

Duration of lease: 2 weeks

Date of commencement of BMW lease deal: 2nd June 2011

Date of termination of BMW lease deal: 15th June 2011

Initial security deposit [non refundable]: 1000USD

Total leasing charges [for individual BMWs]: 2000USD per car

Payment must be made within: 14th June 2011

All terms and conditions governing the BMW lease deal must be carefully read and assimilated by the lessor and the lessee. In case of any dispute or contention, the case shall be tried under the jurisdiction of the London Magistrate Court, London.

Signature of lessor: _________________________________

Signature of lessee: _________________________________

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