Breaking Lease Letter

By | January 6, 2012

A breaking lease letter is a document in which a lessee requests the lessor to allow him to break off a lease midway, before its actual date of termination. There are many reasons which force lessees to consider breaking their lease agreements like transferable jobs, death or sickness in the family, financial crunch and so on. A breaking lease letter must be written well, and in a manner that the reasons for breaking the lease are clearly demonstrated.

Sample Breaking Lease Letter:


Carol Court

34 Spenser Street


Subject: Breaking Lease Letter

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I regret to break off the apartment lease agreement I had participated in with you. On account of the demise of my wife, I will find it extremely difficult to continue residing in the same apartment where we shared so many fond memories. The apartment lease was initiated on 3rd June 2011, and it is numbered 23455 as per the court of New York regulations. The apartment lease was due to terminate on 3rd June 2015. The monthly rental was 3400USD and all dues have been cleared by me till June 2013. Thus, in wishing to break the lease two years before the due date, I beg you to consider accepting the initial refundable security deposit paid by me, as standing forfeited.

No terms and conditions contained in the original apartment lease explicitly disallow me from breaking the lease. However, in view of the excellent relationship shared by us, and the kindness you have shown me in this difficult hour,

I seek your permission.

Thanking you,

Sam Coulton

56 Madge Street,

New York

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