Business Equipment Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A business equipment lease is framed so that the exchange of goods can take place with transparency and good will. It outlines the rules which govern the exchange of goods, and specifies important aspects of the agreement like duration, payment etc. It is a legal document and must be signed in the presence or with the consent of lawyers. It must be written by professionals who are familiar with the legal terminology of such deals.

Sample Business Equipment Lease:

Business Equipment Lease

Download Business Equipment Lease

This document lays out the terms and conditions of the business equipment lease agreement between Samson Inc. [henceforth referred to as the lessor] and Delta Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The duration of the business equipment lease is two years. The lease number is 21275324T and framed under the jurisprudence of the Washington High Court. The business equipment to be leased by the lessor includes five typewriters, four computers, three chests of drawers and twenty chairs. The equipment is new and the total cost at current estimation is to the tune of 5 million USD. Details of the equipment are enclosed along with this document. The lessee shall pay an initial refundable security deposit of ten thousand USD to the lessor, and then the monthly rent for three months shall be collected in advance as per prior agreement.

All the terms and conditions of the business equipment lease should be read carefully. Any breach of contract shall result in legal repercussions.

Signature of lessor: _________________________

Signature of lessee: ________________________

Signature of advocate: _______________________

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