Business Lease Format

By | April 3, 2012

A business lease format explains the basic structure to be followed when creating a business lease agreement or contract. A business lease refers to an agreement where the owner of a property or equipment leases the asset to another company or individual who uses it for business purposes. In many cases, a company is not able to buy all the assets necessary to conduct business and in such a situation it is more profitable to rent leasing space or equipment, especially if it is a periodic work and the asset is not required every day. A business lease must be written in a particular format so that all the points regarding the lease are clearly mentioned and there is no conflict later.

Sample Business Lease Format:

Name of lessee:

Name of lessor:


First part: A business lease must begin with the names and addresses of the lessee and the lessor, the date of signing the lease and the name of the place where it was created. This should be followed by the basic details of the leased asset – write down the address if it is a property or name the type of equipment if any materials are leased.

Second part: The second part is very important as it contains the terms of the lease like the rent, security deposit, term of the lease, notice period and any other special rules or conditions to be followed by the lessee.

Third part: The concluding part can summarize the agreement and mention that the parties agree to the terms. This should be followed by their signatures.

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