Business Lease Termination Letter

By | January 4, 2013

A business lease termination letter is a formal letter which is written by a person or party to another person or party, both of whom are involved in a business lease so as to terminate the agreement. These letters lay down all the terms and conditions on which the lease is being called off or formally terminated. Such documents gold legal important and are enforceable by law. If you are looking for a sample of such as letter, then you can refer to the following:

Sample Business Lease Termination Letter


Kell Mathews


D-90, first floor, modern tower, H Street


Date: 23rd June 2012

Subject: business lease termination letter

Respected Mr. Mathews,

I, Henry Jackson, the LESSOR of the business by the name of ‘Henry Corporation’, am writing this letter to you to inform you that the lease termination date is just around the corner and you are expected to give charge back to me before 4th Aug 2012.

The commencement date of this business lease agreement was 4th Aug 2011 and its effective period was 12 months.

The following were the terms of the termination of business lease:

  • The business lease was regarding the entire running of the business of the LESSOR by the LESSEE for 12 months time.
  • The LESSOR agrees to take the charge of the business from the LESSEE and the LESSEE agrees to withdraw from the business.
  • The LESSEE shall have no right or say in the business matters of the LESSOR from the termination date onwards.
  • The LESSEE must make all due payments before the termination date of the agreement.
  • If the LESSEE fails to make the payments, then the LESSOR shall have the right to take legal actions against him.

Please let me know if you have any issues with any of the terms and conditions.


Henry Jackson

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