Cancel Lease Agreement Letter

By | January 6, 2012

A cancel lease agreement letter is a document which contains a request by the lessee to cancel the lease agreement. It may also be initiated by the lessor if the lease agreement is not to his liking or benefit. Such a document must provide reasons as to why the lease agreement is being cancelled. In case of need, the document can also be written by a professional well versed in writing persuasive letters. Other necessary information may be provided as well.

Sample Cancel Lease Agreement Letter:


Rosalind Meyers

34 St. Thomas Shrine Street

Canterbury, London

Subject: Cancellation of lease agreement

Respected Madam,

This letter is to inform you that I am obliged to cancel the car lease agreement initiated between us on the 12th of April 2011 on account of your negligent behavior with the leased item. The license plate of the Fiat 45STAR you had leased for a period of two years has been taken away by the police on account of more than five offences in the first year of leasing. I have had to suffer financial damage and humiliation on account of this and thus, I have taken the decision of ending this lease agreement between us.

On account of your negligence and culpable behavior, I expect you to pay financial damages [please check enclosed documents] as well as forfeit the security deposit you had paid. I am entitled to ask this of you in lieu of clause 56[ii] in the original lease agreement.


Sally Gomes


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