Car Lease Contract

By | July 11, 2012

A car lease contract is a formal arrangement which is made between two parties: the LESSOR and the LESSEE. In such contract, a car is leased by the lessor to the lessee in return for a certain payment which is known as lease amount. Any such car lease contract is a legally binding document which contains legal terms and conditions. Given below is a sample of the same.

Sample Car Lease Contract:

The car lease contract is entered on: 3 May 2010

The lease shall remain in effect for 4 years

Termination date of the contract: 3 May 2014

The following car lease contract has been made between Mr. Jill ford who is hereby referred to as the LESSOR and Mr. James Daniels who is hereby referred to as the LESSEE.

The details of both the parties are as follows:


Address of the company: 32 west enclave, Vincent lane, automobiles corp. London

Contact number: 9810032855


Address of the company: 15 park avenue Washington street, hr floors ltd. US

Contact number:9911132416

Terms and conditions of the contract:

  1. The LESSOR of the car agrees to lease the car to Mr. James Daniels for a time period of four years on the terms and conditions made by them. The LESSEE agrees to all the terms and conditions made by the dealer.
  2. The LESSEE agrees to pay an amount of 10$ within the first week of each month to the LESSOR.
  3. After the legalization of this contract, the car will be provided to the company as soon as possible, along with the all working equipments which include a stereo, a car ac and seat covers.
  4. The LESSEE of the company takes responsibility for the maintenance of the car and also agrees that any possible damage to the car will be repaired by them.


Jill ford

James Daniels

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