Car Lease Extension

By | December 17, 2011

A car lease extension is a document which portrays the renewed format of a lease which was originally developed in a different way. The renewed specification related to the length of the lease term is alluded to in this legal framework. Thus, the document has to be created very thoughtfully so that it does not lead to unnecessary complications.

Sample Car Lease Extension

Mr. John Travolta, owner of Plush Car Leasing Agency had leased out a car (number: NY4648) to Mr. Chris Black, residing at 4, East High Street, Brooklyn, on 8th October, 2010. This lease agreement states that the lease in question stands renewed and lengthened under the compliance of a certain guidelines that are binding on both the lessor and the lessee in full proportion and failure of compliance will succumb to severe legal proceedings.

The guidelines binding upon the parties are as follows:

1. The car lease extension is applicable only for the vehicle under consideration [copies of the license document and car purchase paper have been attached herewith for identification of vehicle].

2. The period of activation of the lease commenced on 6th February, 2010 and was due to end on 6th December, 2010. The renewed statement asserts that the term will now expire on 10th April, 2011 following the legal command of the adjudicator.

3. The lessee had already made a payment of $6000 to the lessor on 1st February, 2010 as security (vide check number 593749). The first rental due for payment for the renewed term is 1st January, 2011.


1. John Travolta

2. Chris Black

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