Cash Farm Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A cash farm lease is a harmonious decision taken by a tenant and landlord about leasing of a farm the rents of which are paid in cash. The cash rentals are determined in harmony with the crop yield of that year and the revenues acquired from it. So the document must be crafted by stating the lease provisions and purposes ornately.

You can Download the Free Cash Farm Lease, customize it according to your needs and Print. Cash Farm Lease is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Cash Farm Lease

Cash Farm Lease

Download Cash Farm Lease

Farm lease number: 232037

The following farm lease legitimately establishes that the landowner Mr. Ashley Ward has leased out a farm to the tenant Mr. Clay Hoax on 7th April, 2011. The lease has been legitimised on the ground of the following conditions which have to be strictly complied with, the failure of which will be met with rigorous actions.

The following points give away the lease specifications as decided and approved by the parties:

  • The date of opening is 5th May, 2011 and that of closure is 5th January, 2011. All legal and financial transactions will be closed within that period.
  • The farm in question is located on Mandarin Countryside, measures 5 acres and is eligible for the growth of a variety of crops especially cereals.
  • The rent will be estimated on the basis of the fixed farm expenses including land, use of tractors and operating machines. The estimated cash rent will be thus inclusive of annual costs and expenditures.
  • All money will be transacted in cash including rents, deposits, fees and shares. The individual shares of the tenant and landowner will be determined on the whole operation.

Signatures: Ashley Ward

Clay Hoax

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