Commercial Copier Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A commercial copier lease should naturally be framed in a way so as to aim at the commercial purposes specifically for the leasing of copiers. Such a lease is generally drawn for a distinctly large number of copier being leased and hence should be prepared with extreme accuracy, so that no legal hassles are to be faced by either the lessee or the leaser.

Sample Commercial Copier Lease:

Commercial Copier Lease No.: 738926

I, Matthew Rogers, the lessee, confirm in this commercial copier lease that I have taken a bulk of fifteen copiers [Model: Sharp27i, serial numbers: 7346 – 7361] for a highly commercial purpose (for use in my company, U.S Constructions Pvt. Ltd.], from the owner of Sharp Companies Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Peter McGraw, the leaser here. The lease had been drawn up on the 15th day of June, 2011 and will remain legally valid till the 15th day of June, 2016. The prominent details of the lease have been stated below:

  • Validity date(s): 15th June, 2011 – 15th June, 2016.
  • Payment done: An initial amount of $ 1450000 has been cleared through cheque [cheque no. 45286] and the remaining amount [$ 600000] will be cleared soon after the closure of the term of lease.
  • All proofs of driving license, income statement and residential certificate have been enclosed herein, with attestation in the photocopies.
  • The lease has been signed under the watchful eyes of the leasing advocate Mr. John Copperfield.
  • In the event of causing damage to the copiers, the lessee will be held answerable for the act of breach of contract.
  • It will cost him a fine of $400000 and can also put him in prison for up to 5 years.


[Signature of Matthew Rogers]


[Signature of Peter McGraw]

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