Commercial Lease Agreement

By | August 9, 2011

A commercial lease agreement is designed to outline the norms and limits of a lease of property that has been taken for commercial use, such as business holdings, retail stores or any profit-making purpose. Such a lease should clearly portray all legal issues related to the lease agreement, so as to make all involved parties aware of all the features of the contract.

Sample Commercial Lease Agreement:

Lease number: 657349

This lease agreement confirms that all parties of the deal have read and understood all the clauses of the agreement properly and have thus sworn to abide by the same. Any misconduct related to the agreement will be unlawful and be treated as a breach of contract, which may also result in penalization of the convicted. The following are the details of the contract:

The property is being leased for use as a customer service store. No other uses, whether commercial or personal, will be entertained.

Validity of the lease: 2 years [11th May, 2011 – 11th May, 2013

Name of lessor: Michael Gere

Owner of Morrison Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 45, Rhodson Lane, New York

Name of lessee: Thomas Elkins

Address: 37, Loudon Street, New York

Property to be taken on lease: 14 – B and 14 – C, Morrison Apartments, New York

Total area covered: 3400 sq feet

Price as per current market rates: $ 16800000

The commercial lease agreement has been witnessed by:

  • Richard Jones [advocate]
  • Elisa Cruise
  • Silvia Gomes

I promise to have provided all information that were to the best of my knowledge true and will conduct business following the rules and regulations that govern the state.


[Signature of lessor]


[Signature of lessee]

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