Commercial Lease Application

By | July 9, 2012

Commercial lease is basically a rental lease agreement between a lessor and a lessee over an empty space that may be used by the latter for commercial purposes. It is usually written over the usage of an office or warehouse for the sake of running a business. Commercial lease applications voice the plea of such lessees who are seeking for a space to run their business written for the consideration of their landlords.

Sample Commercial Lease Application

Commercial Lease Application


Draco Jones (lessor/ landlord),

25, Notting Lane, Manhattan.

Dear Sir,

This is to appeal that I would like to lease your office at 25, Notting Lane, Manhattan, for the coming ten years in order to run my business.

I run electronics company named Gadgets World Private Limited (Corp no. 2562) and would like to shift base from 15, Northern Highway, Manhattan (current company office address) to your place. The company was established on May 2008 and has a present employee strength of 15200. The estimate of our annual revenue is near about 5230000$. I would like to offer a rental price of 500@ per month for that space and a security deposit of 45000$ refundable on termination of the agreement.

Upon agreement of terms and conditions and lease negotiation, I desire to occupy the concerned spot by August 18, 2012. I vouch for the legal sanctity of my business and have attached the necessary legal documents that would assure you the authenticity of my business. I have also attached my bank details for your perusal so as to avoid any scope of misunderstanding regarding rent payments. I have also attached my identity proofs along with the application so as to validate my claims for the concerned space. I promise to abide by the terms and conditions that would guard the sanctity of this agreement to the fullest.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Elizabeth Burke,


Gadgets World Private Limited (Corp no. 2562)

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