Commercial Lease Document

By | July 9, 2012

A commercial lease document refers to the document which is prepared when two parties make a leasing deal regarding a commercial property (like a commercial office space). The document is created with the aim to record all the relevant details of the lease deal that has been made such as the terms of the arrangement, the details of the space being leased etc. For the convenience of all and to bring a better understanding, provided below is a sample commercial lease document.

Sample Commercial Lease Document

This commercial lease document is entered between the following two parties:

  • Mr. Matt Dillon, the senior manager for the Stan & Slam Realtors Ltd hereafter known as the lessor


  • Ms. Hanna Hastings, the general manager for Hasting Designs Pvt. Ltd. Known as the leesee.

This document puts in effect the arrangement according to which the Stan & Slam Realtors Ltd. have leased out a commercial office space to the Hasting Designs Pvt. Ltd. for the set up of their new office space. The location of the space is 5th Floor, 2nd Street, Mackey and Jack Building in West Virginia, USA.

The lease begins on the date: 1st June, 2010

The lease expires on the date: 1st June, 2012

The duration of the lease period is: 2 years

  • The amount to be paid by the lessee in respect of the property leased has been split in two yearly installments over the period of the lease.
  • No other payments beside the lease amount is to be paid by the lessee.
  • The lessee is responsible for the repairs and the maintenance of the respective property over the course of the lease.
  • The lease may be renewed on expiry once both the parties are in the favor of the renewal.
  • The space has to be issued for commercial purposes only, if not it would be considered a violation of the terms.

Signature of the Lessor:

Signature of the Lessee:

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