Commercial Lease Format

By | June 15, 2011

A commercial lease format is a document which outlines the form in which a commercial lease should be written. A commercial lease is an agreement which outlines the terms and conditions governing the leasing of a property to a lessee based on a set of rules and regulations. Thus a commercial lease format must highlight the same.

Sample Commercial Lease Format

This commercial lease [Number 34665] is based on the premise that all the parties concerned have clearly read and understood the terms and conditions governing the transaction and that all details have been verified. The following details are to be noted:

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a commercial lease must indicate the basic information about the parties concerned. The names and addresses of the lessee and the lessor must be provided. The dates of the validity of the contract must also be provided. The property in question must be detailed. Any items of furniture provided with the property must be noted.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a commercial lease must detail the terms and conditions of the transaction. It must put forth exactly what circumstances can be constituted as a breach of contract and what the penalties will be in such cases. It must be stated clearly so that there is no ambiguity regarding these.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must provide a conclusion to the commercial lease. It must detail the names and addresses of the witnesses. The signatures of lessor and lessee must be provided in full.

Signature of lessor: ___________________________________

Signature of lessee: ___________________________________

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