Commercial Lease Template

By | June 15, 2011

A commercial lease template is a document which guides the farming of a commercial lease. It is an extremely vital document instrumental in the leasing of a commercial property and hence, a commercial lease template is necessary to avoid committing mistakes in the writing of such lease documents. It must be well framed with no ambiguities. These templates can be framed for various different types of commercial leases and can be then used as per needs and requirements.

Sample Commercial Lease Template

This commercial lease presupposes the fact that all parties involved have clearly read and understood the terms of the lease. All information provided is true and the document is legally binding. The following details must be noted:

Name and address of lessor: __________________________ [Mention the name and address of the person/organization leasing the commercial property]

Name and address of the lessee: ___________________________ [Provide the relevant details]

Date of drawing up of the commercial lease: _______________________________ [Provide the concerned date]

Details of the property to be transacted:

  • Name: __________________________
  • Address: ________________________
  • Area: ___________________________
  • Current price: ____________________ [Mention details about the property in question. Attach attested photocopies of the relevant documents pertaining to the property]

Dates of tenancy: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy] to _____________________ [dd/mm.yy]

Purpose of the commercial property: ___________________________ [Mention the reasons for the leasing of the property and the use it is going to be put to]

Names and addresses of the witnesses:

  • Witness 1: ___________________________
  • Witness 2: ___________________________ [Mention the relevant details pertaining to the witnesses who ratify the commercial lease]

Signature of lessor: _______________________

Signature of lessee: _______________________ [Provide the appropriate signatures in full]

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