Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract

By | January 15, 2014

The Commercial real estate lease contract is one that entails the sale, purchase, rent or exchange of a commercial property. The lease contract is a legal document that is specifically designed for the lessee and lessor with all the terms and conditions of the agreement. The specifications of the commercial property are also given in the lease contract.

These commercial contracts are meant to ensure the smooth transaction of commercial property from lessor to lessee. The details of the payment terms and furnishing of the commercial property like building areas, building improvements, utilities, facilities, loading docks, drive away and parking’s are mentioned in this contract.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract

The commercial real estate lease contract has been created between the following parties:

  • Lessor: Mr. Kane Smith
  • Lessee:  Ms. L’Oreal Rodger

This is in effect of the commercial complex located at Block-100, 19th Floor, Roland South Avenue, Toronto Canada which is been leased out for the period of 2 year from 14th January 2010 to 14th January 2012.

Duration of Lease: 2 year

Date of Commencement of the Lease: 14th January 2010

  • The lessee has taken the entire commercial complex on lease which includes 15 shops, parking area, lounge areas and other facilities of the complex.
  • Lessee will pay the rent on every 5th of the month and all the tax, bills and expenses of the commercial complex would be borne by the lessee.
  • Lessee would be paying a security deposit of $2, 00,000 to the lessor and lessor will hand over the complex to the lessee on the commencement date of this contract.
  • Lessee can used the premises only for the permitted use as described by the lessor in the lease contract. The lessee cannot use the premises for any other purpose.

Signature of the Lessor:

Signature of the Lessee:

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