Commercial Real Estate Rent Lease

By | January 21, 2012

The commercial real estate rent lease is constructed for business institutions that rent specific properties for the purpose of specific commercial purposes. This can be done for setting up office space or for creating a commercial guest house for business clients etc. The commercial real estate lease should highlight specific terms and conditions stated by both the owner and the tenant. It is also essential to ensure that there are no such disagreements after the contract has been signed and sealed. An attorney consultation is preferable for such rent lease contracts.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Rent Lease:

The property building located at 23, Evergreen Forest, Springfield which has four floors, is to be leased to MONTREAL Capital Inc. [who will be referred to as lessee from hereon] by Mark’s Real Estate Co. [the real estate agent/ Lessor of property]:

Date of Commencement of Lease: 23/5/2011

Date of lease agreement: 4/4/2011

Duration: 4 years

Commercial Real Estate Lease Terms and Conditions:

  • The rent must be paid on a monthly basis by the lessee to the lessor.
  • The rent amounts to $679 p.m. This does not include electricity, water and property tax charges which will be paid by lessee accordingly.
  • The security deposit made is $55,000 and 17% will be refunded at the end of 4 years.
  • The lessor is liable to rectify any complaints made by the lessee during the rental period.
  • No property damage should be done during the rental period. The lessee lease contract can be terminated.

Signature of the Lessor: ______________

Signature of the Lessee: _________________

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