Computer Equipment Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A computer equipment lease is an official and legal document, which includes the terms and conditions on which the lessor leases computer equipments to the lessee, for a definite number of years. It must be prepared with great care, and all facts and figures and clauses of the lease must be put accurately.

Sample Computer Equipment Lease:

Lease number: 9452238

This lease document states that I, Mr. Collin Clout, as lessee have leased computer equipment (scanner and printer) from the lessor, Mr. Jonathan Brown, owner of HP electronics Pvt. Ltd., on the 15th day of September, 2011. The details of the lease agreement are enlisted below:

  • This lease agreement is valid for a period of six months, from 15th of September, 2011 to 15th of March, 2011.
  • The lessee has made an initial payment of amount $ 3000 to the lessor, by means of cash. The remaining amount of $ 2000 will be paid, when the lease term ends.
  • The details of the lessee have been submitted to the lessor, such as residential address proof, photo identity proof, shop details and others. All these have been attested.
  • Mr. Leslie Stephen (attorney at law) has been witness to this lease agreement.
  • This is to be mentioned that a caution deposit of $ 1000 has been charged from the lessee, which would be refunded when he handovers the equipment. But if he causes any damage or loss to the equipment then the amount won’t be refundable and additional fine might be charged, depending upon the cost of loss.
  • Any breach of contract in this regard will be penalized.

We mutually agree to the above terms and conditions, and decide to enter into the contract.

___________________                                                                    ___________________

(Signature of lessee)                                                                              (Signature of lessor)

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