Copier Lease

By | March 10, 2013

A copier lease is a document that indicates the terms and conditions on which the renting of a particular copier machine is agreed on. It is an easier and more financially astute decision to go in for a copier lease rather than purchasing a machine, especially for individuals who are setting up office for the first time. It is quite economical. However, the renting of a copier machine comes with its own conditions which are formulated in a copier lease agreement, which is as legally effective, as lease document for others objects including flats or cars.

  • A copier lease must be formulated carefully keeping in mind all the auxiliary factors that may arise.
  • It should specify clearly the make and number of copier being hired as well as the maintenance that will be provided for them by the renting agency.
  • Also, the duration of the rent, the monthly charges along with the interest on the principal amount must be clearly indicated to avoid last minute confusion.
  • The details of both the lessor and the lessee must be clearly outlined for evidential purposes in case of a breach of contract.
  • The lease document must be signed by all the parties confirmed to activate it and make it legally binding. The lease contract must be adhered to at all costs.

The advantage of renting a copier machine is the superior quality repair work that can be attained at sufficiently cheaper cost, provided by the renting company itself. It is an easier option if compared to the hassle and price of purchasing a new copier machine

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