Dairy Farm Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A dairy farm lease is a document that puts down in clear terms the various provisions and conditions underlying the execution of the deal that legally provides a dairy farm to a lessee, on lease for a particular span of time, from the lesser who may sign it individually or on behalf of some company. The lease document should necessarily contain specifications that will serve to be genuine.

You can Download the Free Dairy Farm Lease, customize it according to your needs and Print. Dairy Farm Lease is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Dairy Farm Lease:

Dairy Farm Lease

Download Dairy Farm Lease

Lease number: 826391

This lease is to confirm that I, Michael Gieves, as lessee to be addressed hereafter, have taken a dairy farm [scheme 7347, plot no. AR 271], on lease, from Fred Alva Brown, the lessor and owner of M/s Dairy Farms Pvt. Company, on the 5th of December, 2011 and will continue with the contract till the 15th of December, 2014. The details of the lease that are to be considered include:

  • Validity span: 5th December, 2011 – 15th December, 2014.
  • Payment made: An initial amount of $375000 has been already paid in cheque [cheque no.: 28746] and the rest of the amount, $156500 will be cleared in the next slot of payment.
  • All proofs of identity, residence, owner and lessee’s license and details of income have been attested and the corresponding photocopies enclosed herein.
  • Witness for the closing of the lease: Mark John [law advocate]
  • The dairy farm, from this date onwards, is the sole responsibility of the lessee who should maintain the condition of the farm as any functioning abnormality or unwanted utilization will be considered as a breach of contract.
  • The lessee will be punished with a fine of $134500 and/or a term of five years in prison, in case of being charged with breach of contract.


__________________________ [lessee]

__________________________ [lessor]

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