Dental Equipment Lease

By | August 29, 2011

Dental equipment lease is a document that puts forth all terms and conditions that outline the specific form of the lease. Dental equipments are medically certified tools that need to be in perfect condition when leased and the deed should contain all relevant information regarding the state and functioning of the equipment, so as to confirm that there aren’t any hidden details.

Sample Dental Equipment Lease:

Dental Equipment Lease

Download Dental Equipment Lease

Lease number: 374193

This dental equipment lease is to confirm that I, Kylie Stallone, the lessee herein, have taken a Digital Amalgamator [model no.: D46281] on lease from the lessor Mark Carrion, the owner of Smile Dental Care and Co., for a term of two years, starting from the 3rd day of May, 2011 till the same day in 2013 (3rd May, 2013). The lease details have been stated below:

  • Validity date(s): 3rd May, 2011 – 3rd May, 2013.
  • Payment of $1950000 has been done in an initial slot, through cheque [cheque no.: 98372] while the rest $58000 will be prior to the closure of the deed.
  • Proofs submitted: Documents of identity proof, residential proof, company license, income tax certificates have all been Xeroxed and attested, and have been enclosed herein.
  • Witness for lease signing: Mike Thomson [attorney general]
  • Any physical or internal damage brought upon the aforesaid dental equipment will be legally considered as a breach of contract and will thus be counted as a punishable offence.
  • The lessee will be penalized for breach of contract, which may include a fine of $45000 and/ or an imprisonment of upto five years.


[Signature of Kylie Stallone]


[Signature of Mark Carrion]

Date: ______________                                                               Place: ______________________

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