Duck Hunting Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A duck hunting lease is a contractual document wherein the owner or the lessor grants his asset to the lessee for duck hunting purposes in return of the sum of money paid by the lessee during the course of the contract. Terms and conditions must be clearly understood by both the parties before signing the contract.

You can Download the Free Duck Hunting Lease, customize it according to your needs and Print. Duck Hunting Lease is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Duck Hunting Lease:

Duck Hunting Lease

Download Duck Hunting Lease

This lease has been documented and entertained into this 22nd day of August 2011, between Mr. Ruskin Blair of 4, Hamstrat Avenue, USA, hereinafter called the lessor and Mr. Ostwald Smiths of 15 Askswell Street, USA, hereinafter called lessee.

The terms and conditions of this agreement are-

1)   The purpose of the lease is to grant hunting privileges for the wild ducks abundant in the leased area.

2)   The term of the lease shall commence from 28/08/2011 till 28/08/2012.

3)   Hunting lease shall be granted at the rate of $6254 per year at an annual basis.

4)   The lessee hereby declares to have fully inspected the leased area and to have found it in an acceptable condition.

5)   The lessee shall be hereinafter responsible for loss, or damage of any fence, building, or tree within the leased ground.

6)   The lessor is permitted to access a maximum of 3 persons from his family into the hunting ground premises during the course of the contract.

7)   All ducks would be immediately tagged after harvest as per the norms.

8)   Campsites are strictly prohibited within the leased area.

9)   The lease shall be subjected to termination if the lessee is found to violate any law regarding the lease.

Signature of lessor: _________________________

Signature of lessee: _________________________

Signature of advocate: _______________________

Signature of witness: ________________________

Date: 21st August 2011

Place: USA.

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