Equipment Lease Credit Application

By | July 11, 2012

An equipment lease credit application is written by the lessee who wants to lease a particular equipment from the lessor on certain credit. This application is made in those cases where an equipment is only required for a certain amount of time by the lessee.

The lease equipment application form contains the background information of the lessor and the lessee, along with the note explaining the reason for needing the equipment. Given below is a sample of lease credit application which can be used by those who wants this reference at the time of writing the application.

Sample Equipment Lease Credit Application:

Lease application no: B/212

Lease application date: 3 July 2012

Name of the person applying for the lease: Mr. Mathew Perry

Address of the person applying for lease: C42 west lane, house no. 6, Boston, US

Contact number: 9810062243

Name of the person the application is being addressed: Mr. James Cameron

Address of the person the application is being made: Tim tower, 2nd floor, regal street, Boston, US

Contact number: 9711065556

Details of the equipment to be leased:

Name of equipment: printer

Company: hp

Model number: hp1070

Price: 150$

The following is the equipment lease credit application:

I, Mathew Perry would like to lease your printer for two years. I got to know from a friend that you are willing to give your printer on lease for some time. I have just shifted from California to Boston and work as a freelance writer, hence I require a printer in good condition for two years. I am willing to pay whatever rent you consider to be appropriate for the printer and assure you that it will be well taken care of by me. I really hope that you consider my application and reply to me as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Mathew Perry

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