Equipment Lease Template

By | June 15, 2011

An equipment lease template serves as a blueprint of how to correctly frame and arrange statements that are critical for a lease. It embodies all the legal considerations underlying the deal and hence requires optimum effort in preparing and understanding the implications. It is a very important instrument facilitating a transaction between participants of the lease. These templates can be drafted for different types of equipment lease and can be then used as per needs.

Sample Equipment Lease Template

This equipment lease ________________ [Mention the number of the equipment lease], drawn up on the ________________ [day] of ________________ [month] _________________ [year], indicates that the terms and conditions of the deal have been clearly read and understood by all concerned. In case of a breach of contract, section 56 of the IPC will come into force. The following points are to be noted:

Name of the lesser: ________________ [Mention the name of the equipment leasing company]

Address and date of establishment [dd/mm/yy]: ________________ [Provide the address of the leasing company for future reference]

Model of equipment leased: _______________ [Mention the name and model number of the equipment]

[Please enclose attested photocopies of the equipment’s insurance, servicing and purchase documents]

Name and address of lessee: ________________ [Mention the relevant name and address]

This copier lease is valid from the _______________ [dd/mm/yy] till the ________________ [dd/mm/yy].

Names and addresses of witnesses validating this equipment lease:

  • Witness 1: __________________
  • Witness 2: __________________
  • Witness 3: __________________ [Provide the relevant information]

Signature of the lessee: __________________

Signature of the lesser: __________________ [Provide appropriate signatures in full]

Date: _________________                      Place: ___________________________

[Provide the relevant details]

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