Equity Residential Lease Transfer

By | April 23, 2012

The equity residential lease transfer is a method through which the tenant is relocated to a different property with new terms and conditions. The original guidelines are all diminished wherein previously the tenant had to make a monthly payment of rent which after a period of time accumulates into the value property itself. This type of lease agreement allows the tenant to terminate the original lease and opt for a transfer from the original property to another. The transfer agreement must highlight the renewed agreements and also contain all particulars of the tenant and the landlord.

Sample Equity Residential Lease Transfer

The following is a renewed Equity Residential Lease due to relocation and transfer of the tenants.

Previous Property: YMCA Youth Center

Current property: ISHT Youth Housing

Tenants: Miss Yale Howler

Date of transfer: 3.2.2012

Original Transfer Lease Terms:

  • Tenants must be in good standing with no violations on lease.
  • Transfer charges will be separately charged on termination and relocation onsite to another Equity Residential property within the 60 mile radius.
  • Transfer terms may be subject to change.
  • A payment must be made for concession on premature transference to make up for 6 months rent.

New Lease Terms:

  • A complete application must be made for rent and other criteria.
  • The fee for the application on relocating will not be charged.
  • Tenants must sign the lease for at least six months.
  • A security deposit of $500 must be made on application.
  • In case of termination of this lease, a notice 2 weeks prior must be made.

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