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By | July 9, 2012

Express Auto Lease Inc is a South Florida based company that offers its customers trustworthy car dealership services wherein one may be able to find the vehicle of one’s dream at the best possible price deal. The chief objective of the company is to ensure their clientele’s smooth hassle free transition from their current vehicle to a new one at remarkably affordable prices. The company is much reputed for its transparent negotiations and is known to ensure hundred percent customer satisfaction by enabling clients to browse over a host of car deals ranging from vintage to economy or mid-range to aristocratic exotic car models and offering them their desired deals at the lowest possible prices.

Sample Express Auto Lease

Lease Negotiated by: Express Auto Lease Inc.

Lease number: 1553456

This auto lease is to notify that the lessor, George Macintosh has leased a red Sedan car (model no. 451c) [License No. Fl15364] to lessee Kate Moreau for a period of 2 years via Auto Express Lease upon the agreement of the following terms and conditions:

  • The concerned lease would be effective from July 16, 2012 and valid till July 15, 2014.
  • The lessee would have to make a down payment of 15200$ by July 1, 2012 by means of a demand draft in the name of the lessee.
  • The remaining amount of 14200$ would have to be paid by the lessee at the termination of the contract.
  • The lessor would not be responsible for any damage incurred on the vehicle after the transfer of ownership.
  • In case of any breach of contract, the case is to be taken up by the local court and the violator is liable to be penalized with a fine up to 40000$ or a one year imprisonment.
  • Auto Express Inc would in no way be responsible for any form of contract violation done by the lessor or lessee.
  • The lessee would have to present an attested copy of her driving license, income certificate and residential address proof before the beginning of the lease contract.

Signatures: ____________________ [Lessor]

                    _____________________ [Lessee]

                    _____________________ [Witness]

Date: June 30, 2012.

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