Farm Lease Template

By | June 15, 2011

A farm lease template is a structural guide to a farm lease. It furnishes all the information relevant to the lease and caters to the legal needs of such a transaction.

Since it is an official document, the conditions are stated in a systematic and sensitive way. It must be read and understood in its true perspective in order to avoid legal problems resulting from a breach of contract.

Sample Farm Lease Template

This farm lease ________________ [Mention the number of the farm lease], drawn up on the ________________ [day] of ________________ [month] _________________ [year], indicates that the terms and conditions of the deal have been clearly read and understood by all concerned. In case of a breach of contract, section 56 of the IPC will come into force. The following points are to be particularly noted:

Name of the lesser: ________________ [Mention the name of the owner leasing the farm]

Address and date of establishment [dd/mm/yy]: ________________ [Provide the address of the farm owner]

Location of the farm leased: _______________ [Mention the address of the farm where it is located]

[Please enclose attested photocopies of the farm’s insurance, maintenance and purchase documents]

Name and address of lessee: ________________ [Mention the relevant name and address]

This farm lease is valid from the _______________ [dd/mm/yy] till the ________________ [dd/mm/yy].

Names and addresses of witnesses ratifying this farm lease:

  • Witness 1: __________________
  • Witness 2: __________________
  • Witness 3: __________________ [Provide the relevant information]

Signature of the lessee: __________________

Signature of the lesser: __________________ [Provide appropriate signatures in full]

Date: _________________                      Place: ___________________________

[Provide the relevant details]

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