Free Lease Extension

By | December 17, 2011

A free lease extension is a document which bears testimony to the practical validity of a lease extension agreement. It furnishes the legal dogma operative behind the lease and its extension processes and confirms the agreement in a valid manner. Thus the framework should be created very cautiously avoiding conflict between the original and the extended lease.

Sample Free Lease Extension

Free Lease Extension of Rental Property

This free lease extension is made on 7th August, 2011 between the following parties:

Name of the landlord: Claire Chamber

Residential address: 5, Holy Road, Vegas

Name of the tenant: Andy Com

Residential address: 9, High Towers, Vegas

It holds that the lease created between the parties on 8th July, 2010 for the house located at 6, Apex Court, Vegas for a time period of 1 year starting from 10th September, 2010 and terminating on 10th October, 2011 has been extended to 10th July, 2013 at a rate of $200 per month.

It hereby confirms that no procedural cost would be charged separately against the process of extension as it has been executed according to the provision of free extension given under the original lease frame.

This document along with the terms and conditions of the prior lease is binding on both the landlord and the tenant in full force who would be penalized subsequently for breach of the terms and conditions.

[A copy of the prior lease has been attached herewith]

Signature of the landlord: Claire Chamber

Signature of the tenant: Andy Com

Signature of advocate 1: Catlin Grimes

Signature of advocate 2: Alicia Discos

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