Free Lease Rental

By | January 21, 2012

Lease rental is an essential contract that is formulated between the owner and the tenant. It is important that both rights and duties are specified in the rental agreement properly and there must be clear mention of the payment details to be made in terms of rent. These kinds of free lease rental are available on various sites and are known as free lease rental. Although, one must carefully asses them before downloading as it is imperative that they have proper lineation according to specified lease requirements. Furthermore, one should also ensure that the free document would be legally valid as well.

Sample Free Lease Rental:

FORTUNE Law firm has been hired to formulate the following Lease Rental to be effected between:

  • Owner: YUI Real Estates
  • Tenant: Mr. Thomas Mansfield

Date: 4.5.2011

Property Rented: A fully furnished lodge situated in 23, Park Avenue, Ohio. This consists of 2 floors, fully furnished and is an ideal space for a family of 3. One kitchen and bathroom space along with 4 rooms and one living room is provided.

Lease Rent Conditions:

  • The lease will commence on 7.6.2011 and the duration will be for 5 years.
  • The rental for every six months will be $2000.
  • The payment must be made on 5th of the month of payment. (May and December)
  • The owner is liable to refund 15% of the security deposit made. The total amount is $47,000.
  • The tenant must additionally pay property tax, electricity and other monthly payments.
  • There must be no damage made to the property during the rental period.

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