Free Lease Transfer

By | March 3, 2012

Free lease transfer refers to a free sample of a free lease agreement, contract, form or letter which shows that the lease has been transferred from one person’s name to another. There are times when a tenant cannot continue to honour the terms of the lease because he has to move to another town or because of any other reason and because of that he transfers the title of the lease from his name to another individual, who becomes responsible for the agreement now. The new tenant has to pay the rent once the transfer has been accepted and the old tenant is free from any obligation or responsibility. The lease transfer requires the approval of the landlord too.

Sample Free Lease Transfer:

The Lease Transfer agreement has been entered on February 16, 2012 by the tenant John Means for a property rented from Vintage Real Estates. According to the agreement, he hereby transfers all the responsibilities and obligations of the lease to Kathy Bates, who will be regarded as the replacement tenant.

  • Property Address:  922 Grover Lane, Oakland
  • Rent p.m. : $700


  • The tenant needs a bigger apartment for personal reasons and can no longer continue to live here
  • A 1-month advance notice has been sent to Vintage Real Estates

Terms and Conditions:

  • The landlord shall pay back the security deposit to the tenant when he leaves the premises
  • The replacement tenant shall pay the landlord the same amount of security deposit
  • All parties acknowledge the lease transfer.

Signature (Tenant)

Signature (Replacement Tenant)

Signature (Landlord)

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