Home Rental Lease

By | June 4, 2012

A home rental lease is a document prepared to lease out the home on the rent for a specific period of time. Here the party owning that home is called lessor and the tenant looking to take that home on lease is known as a lessee. This lease happens for a fixed period of time and both the parties have to agree on certain terms and conditions mentioned in the lease document. Both the lessor and the lessee must be thoroughly clear about the sketch of the contract before they agree to it. The lessee must know his liabilities and the lessor must also be aware about all the clauses mentioned in the lease.

Sample Home Rental Lease:

The home rental lease has been drafted for the following parties:

  • Lessor: Peter Naylor
  • Lessee: Mark Neil

This is a home rental lease for the house located at T-56, Greenhill road, Chelmsford, Essex. The other details of the lease are as follows:

Duration of Lease: 1 year

Date of commencement of the lease: 12.6.2011

  • The lessee has opted to pay the rent of $4000 per month for the home mentioned in the agreement which must reach the lessor by first week of every month.
  • A security deposit of $7000 has to be submitted in the beginning by the lessee.
  • The lessee will have the option of buying the home at the expiration of the rent lease.
  • The lessee must maintain the home in a decent condition and they are liable for repair of any damage cause by them to the house.
  • ┬áBoth the parties have to legally abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease.

Signature of the Lessee:

Signature of the Lessor:

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