House Lease Agreement

By | September 26, 2011

A house lease agreement is a document that contains all legal clauses, which define an agreement for the leasing of a house for residential, or some other official or business purposes. The agreement should be formed to put forth all details of the house in terms of its positioning, size and area covered, and other details that would form significant aspects of the lease agreement.

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Sample House Lease Agreement:

House Lease Agreement

Download House Lease Agreement

This house lease agreement [lease agreement number: 564381] has been framed after due consideration of all proofs that suggest the contract to have been accepted by both the involved parties, on grounds of legal procedures and implications in case of any “breach of contract”. The particulars of this agreement have been stated below:

Nature of lease:

The house is being leased for a term of five years for residential purposes. The lease will be valid on the house only and not the adjoining areas.

Name of lessor: Fredrick Hedge

Owner of Realty Properties and Co

Address: 87 – K, Park Road, New York [office address]

Residential address: 77/2, Kleve Apartments, New York

Office telephone no.: 00 1 – 718 – 28391938

Contact number: 00 1 – 718 – 92819182 [residential]

Website address:

Name of lessee: George Peterson

Address: 89/II, Green Lane, New York

Contact details: 00 1 – 718 – 29182912

House on lease: 14A, Houston Apartment, New York [address]

The house to be leased is a three-bedroom spacious flat on the fourth storey. A family of three people will be residing there in the agreed premises and will not use any other adjacent corner without legal permission from concerned departments.

Cost of the house: $715500000

Amount paid in advance: $455500

The remaining amount is to be paid in installments, the details of which have been enclosed in another document provided herein.

Witnesses for the agreement:

  • David Jones
  • Dorothy Jones

The agreement has been clearly read and understood by all. I promise to abide by all rules and regulations and be responsible for any related discrepancy.


[Signature of lessor]


[Signature of lessee]



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