House Lease Contract

By | November 2, 2011

A house lease contract is a document that is framed to prepare a legal proof of all the terms and conditions included in a house lease deal that has been drawn up between a lessor and a lessee, also referred to as the landlord and tenant in case of house leases, for having leased a house or some portion of it for a certain span of time. The lease contract should contain relevant and important details regarding the location and proper postal address of the house, its structure, facilities provided, surrounding environment, transportability from there and contact to other places, etc. and should be presented in a clear and compact manner.

Sample House Lease Contract:

This house lease contract [number: 78345] has been drawn on the 5th day of August 2011 and will remain valid till the 5th day of August 2016, that is, for an entire span of five years. The house [flat no. 19/ 8, Jameson Bungalow, North California; area: 750 sq feet; cost: $32000; monthly rent:$530] has been taken on lease by Henry Clifford [permanent address: 9B, Houston Apartments, New Jersey], hereafter referred to as the lessee, from Mark McKinley [residential address: 13, M.A.P Road, New Jersey], hereafter referred to as the lessor, for residing during the course of his study [Masters and Post Graduation in English Literature]. Any other use of the house is strictly restricted by the terms of the law and will be considered punishable under law, as per the “breach of contract” term included in section VII (b) of the house lease contract.

The contract has been signed after thorough consideration of all the terms and conditions and on legal swearing by both parties to have provided all necessary and true information and to abide by all the clauses of the contract sincerely.


__________________________ [lessor]

__________________________ [lessee]

__________________________ [witness 1]

__________________________ [witness 2]

__________________________ [attorney]

Date: 05.08.2011                                                                                         Place: New Jersey

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