How to Fill Out a Lease Application

By | October 4, 2012

Lease application is a form that is used at the time of taking any property or asset for lease. This is like a contract between the lessor and the lessee. A lessee should know how to fill out a lease application at the time of the agreement. These lease application forms help in screening the tenants who pay the rent and who possess problems in paying rent. There are several kinds of tips in filling a lease application form. Some of them are listed below.

Filling the residence lease application

  • Before taking a house for the rent you should clearly read, understand and do the signature in the lease agreement. Lease is an agreement between the owner and the renter. Mostly the lease agreement will be in advantage of the owner or the landlord. So read carefully and try to discuss and modify the agreement if there is any error.
  • The application form should contain the exact line number, house number which is designated to you. If you couldn’t view the house, note the house should be in good condition without any damage before moving to the house. This part needs a signature of the renter.
  • The duration of the lease should be confirmed. This includes the starting and ending dates of the lease contract. The general lease contract will be for a year. The lease may be of six months or monthly lease. This part also needs a signature of renter.
  • The security deposit should be examined. This security deposit is taken as a safe side if the renter vacates the house without taking care of the damages done. The deposits will be zero to two months. It may also vary based on the conditions. There should be a refundable deposit. Look all the sections clearly and sign in the provided space.
  • Be clear in the rent payment. This part determines the amount of rent to be paid per month and the full amount to be paid over the time period of the rent. Clearly learn about the charges for late rent, due date, accepted payment forms. After understanding all the terms, do the signature in the space provided.
  • Clearly understand the rules and regulations. The last part of the form determines the do’s and don’ts. In this section the signatures are needed for each point. It is compulsory to sign all the pages in the agreement.
  • Do fill the emergency contact portion. This is a mandatory section. Here you should include the individual’s or person’s details like the name of the person, address and mobile number or the landline number of the person.

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