How to Request a Lease Extension

By | October 10, 2012

Lease is an agreement between the owner and the renter or otherwise called as lessee. Here the renter pays the rent to the owner for using his/her property or asset. The renter may continue the lease or discontinue after lease expiry which is based on the renter’s and owner’s wish. When the renter wishes to continue the lease the renter thinks how to request a lease extension. For lease extension a letter should be written to the owner stating the permission for lease extension.

Tips to request for the rental lease extension

Read the features of the rental lease agreement

A rental lease contract or the agreement usually includes different kinds of rules and regulations. It also includes an end date of the lease agreement. A renter should vacate the asset at the end date. If the renter feels like extending the lease agreement he/she should consult the landlord for the extension permission.

Review the documents

Review the current agreement which may provide the information about the lease extension. If you find any lease extension terms, first check whether you are satisfying the conditions for the extension before requesting the permission to the landlord. Remember that the quality of the renter plays a major role in the decision of the owner.

Requesting letter for the extension

Even if there is no part regarding the extension letter or renewal of lease agreement, do write an extension requesting letter to the owner. This letter should mainly contain the reasons for lease extension and length of the extension to retain in the asset. It should also include that you will follow the same rules and regulations of the original document excluding the end date.

Agreement preparation

Prepare an extension contract or agreement. Numerous templates can be found in the websites for the application of lease extension. If you wish to prepare your own agreement instead of downloading the templates, you can prepare. But when you are preparing your own contract include the dates and if there are any new conditions of the rental. If all the terms and conditions are same as the original document, copy the original document by changing the dates.

Sign and date the agreement

Be sure to put the date and the signature on the rental extension document. Signing and dating the document is very important as it protects you if there is any legal conflict. Once the landlord and the renter sign the document, it ensures that you can continue in the owner’s asset until the specified date in the lease contract.

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