How to Write a Letter of Lease Termination

By | October 14, 2012

If there is any problem with the lease agreement or if you don’t wish to continue the lease then you can terminate the lease. You need to write a letter to the owner for the termination of the lease. For that you should know how to write a letter of lease termination for a favor response from the lessor. Termination letter may be written at the end of the lease term or for the early termination.

Instructions on writing a lease termination letter

Vacating date

The first thing you have to remember while writing the termination letter is the date on which you want to vacate or leave the place. You should also include the beginning date of the lease contract and the duration of the term. It may give a clear idea to your owner whether you have completed the entire term or terminating early.


When you are writing the letter for early termination try to include about any penalties you are planning to pay. Also clarify about payment of the whole leftover rental amount with any extra charges in the letter.

Security deposit

Ask the owner to inspect for the damages in the current asset or the property before you vacate that place. This determines whether you can get the security deposit or not and if yes how much amount you should get. Try to determine your available dates in this letter.

Final point

Try to mention the dates of turning out your facilities or utilities. By this your owner can get a chance of arranging fresh services for the upcoming renters. Also include when you are going to return the keys and ask when you could collect your security deposit or any documents.

Instructions to write an early lease termination letter

Review the lease document

Before writing an early termination letter try to review the lease document to learn about how and when to inform about the early lease termination. This document provides you with an information of how many days before you should submit this notice and may be the address where it should be sent.

Letter format

Include your name and designation in the top of the letter. Write the date on the letter, include the name and the designation of your owner under the date. Try to start your letter with a greeting and try to finish with a standard closing. Under the standard closing include your signature.

Termination date

Mention that you want to terminate or end the lease early and the date of the termination. Try to include the reasons or purpose for the early termination and any particular fee or penalty you want to pay.


Request your owner to inspect the property for checking the damages which determines your security deposit. Don’t forget to mention your available dates.

Finally you should include

  • The date you are going to turn off your utilities
  • The address where the owner can be reached to collect your security deposit from him.

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