Hunting Lease Contract

By | November 2, 2011

A hunting lease contract is a document that contains legal details of all the terms and conditions included in a hunting lease, signed between a hunter, generally referred as the lessee, and the landlord or owner of the hunting area, referred to as the lessor, for leasing a hunting land or taking a lease of hunting some special species for a certain interval of time. Hunting is not a simple daily activity, rather is a restricted one, and thus involves a lot of permissions and licensures, documents of which should all be included in the lease contract.

Sample Hunting Lease Contract:

This hunting lease contract [contract no.: 9831] has been signed between Jacob Anthony Paul [address: 13, Kelvin Lane, Los Angeles], herein referred to as the lessee, and Fredrick Gomes [permanent address: 45, Lenin Street, Los Angeles], herein referred to as the lessor. The area to be leased for hunting is plot number 16/ B, Hilton Forest, New Jersey. Only a few species of deer, rabbits, and some birds can be hunted, the details and specifications of which have been given in the enclosed document. The lease will commence on the 21st day of September 2011 and will remain valid till the 21st of September 2013, during which the lessee will have to abide all the terms and conditions and any single discrepancy will be considered as a serious “breach of contract” and will be deemed punishable under legal terms. Penalties, in the form of fine to be paid or imprisonment, have also been included for information.

Both parties have signed the lease contract for this hunting agreement after thorough consideration of all clauses, having read and understood them properly. All information provided are true to the knowledge of the lessor and the lessee, who have promised to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract. The licenses and other certificates granted in permission for this lease have also been provided alongwith.


_______________________ [Head of the Forest Ministry]

_____________________ [lessor]

_____________________ [lessee]

_____________________ [witness 1]

_____________________ [witness 2]

_____________________ [lawyer]

Date: 21.09.2011                                                                                           Place: Los Angeles

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