Hunting Lease Form

By | August 30, 2011

A hunting lease form is made to collect the information of a hunting lease agreement. The details of the transaction that is made are expressed in this form. This includes the identification details of the parties, the terms and conditions related to the hunting lease and other legal information needed for future reference.

You can Download the Free Hunting Lease Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Hunting Lease Form is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Hunting Lease Form:

Hunting Lease Form

Download Hunting Lease Form

Lease No: ______________

Name of the lessor: ______________

Address: ______________

Company Name: ______________

Contact Details: ______________


Name of the lessee: ______________

Address: ______________

Contact details: ______________

Lease commenced on: –/–/—-

Lease valid till: –/–/—-

Time period of the lease: ___ years

Terms and conditions of the lease:

By using the lease, the lessee agrees to abide by the rules and the applicable laws related to the term. It is the responsibility of the lessee to review the terms periodically. There is absolute accountability of both the parties involved in the lease.

Property Inspection by the Lessee: The lessees hereby declare that they have inspected the granted ground and have found it to be in an acceptable condition.

Liabilities of the lessee: The lessee shall be responsible for any damage or harm caused by the lessee within the leased premises.

Legal Obligations: The lessee shall be bound by the laws under the lease till the termination of the clause.

Forfeiture: The lessee shall be liable to forfeiture if the rules and laws are found to be violated.

Area leased for hunting: ___ acres

Price: $____

Payment done: $____

Payment due: $___

Witnesses: ____________________

  • Signature of lessor: _________________________
  • Signature of lessee: _________________________
  • Signature of advocate: _______________________
  • Signature of witness: ________________________
  • Date: –/–/—-
  • Place: ____

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