Hunting Lease Format

By | June 15, 2011

A hunting lease format is a document which outlines the exact manner in which a hunting lease is to be framed. A hunting lease is a vital document in today’s day and age with decreasing vegetation cover for wild animals and their threatened habitat. A hunting lease format thus specifies important factors like area in which hunting is permitted and the price the lessee pays for receiving the lease.

Sample Hunting Lease Format

This hunting lease is in strict accordance with the environment laws as stated in the penal code and all those involved are legally bound to the terms and conditions contained in the same. The following particulars are to be noted:

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a hunting lease must enlist the names and address of the lessor, who owns or is in any way responsible for the land in question, as well as details about the lessee. It must also include information about the land on which permission for hunting is to be granted. The area of the land, its fauna and its status as per the environmental laws of the country must be stated.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of the hunting lease must include information regarding the price paid by the lessee for receiving hunting grants. All requisite permissions by the forest authorities or state authorities as the case may be, must be provided with attested photocopies.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph should conclude the hunting lease format with signature of the deponent and the lessor. Witnesses must be identified by name and their signatures also noted.

Signature of lessor: __________________________

Signature of lessee: __________________________

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