Hunting Lease Template

By | June 15, 2011

A hunting lease template demonstrates the correct manner of framing a hunting lease. It provides instructions as to how a hunting lease should be framed and what information it should contain. Since such a lease is legally valid, a hunting lease template is vital as it offers an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the lease and make no mistakes.

Sample Hunting Lease Template

This hunting lease template is in agreement with the environment norms of the United States of America and any violation of the same will be severely penalized. It signifies that all concerned have clearly read and understood the terms and conditions governing the leasing of the said land for the purposes of hunting. The following are the particulars to be noted:

Name and address of lessor: ____________________________________ [Mention the name and address of the person/ organization renting the land]

Name of lessee: ____________________________________________ [Mention the name and address of the person/organization hiring the land for purposes of hunting]

Information pertaining to the land:

  • Area: _____________________________
  • Location: __________________________
  • Biodiversity [range of flora and fauna, number of species]: ________________________
  • Environmental laws under whose aegis the land falls: ____________________________

[Mention all details regarding the land in question]

Terms and conditions:

  • Condition 1: _______________________
  • Condition 2: _______________________
  • Condition 3: ________________________ [Mention the terms and conditions governing he hunting lease, which, if breached, will constitute a legal offence]

I hereby declare that all information provided here is true to my knowledge.

Signature of lessor: _______________________________

Signature of lessee: _______________________________ [Provide signatures of lessor and lessee in full]

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