Hunting Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A hunting lease is a document which outlines the rights granted by a landowner to an individual or a group of individuals for specific hunting purposes in that specified land within the jurisdiction of the domicile to which the land is attached. Since hunting of animals is an issue that has certain legal and ethical implications, hunting grants must be given cautiously with full awareness of the existing legal modules dealing with this act kept in mind. A hunting lease also indicates the acceptance and knowledge of the laws which govern not only the contractual deal, but also the act of hunting itself.

  • A hunting lease must frame the agreement in a way that correct factual information of the lessor and the lessee are out down in writing.
  • The amount of money, if any at all, that the lessee has paid the lessor for receiving hunting rights must also be specified.
  • The exact boundary of the area within which hunting is to be allowed must be mentioned as well as the nature and species of the animal that is to be hunted.
  • This is subject to the existing environmental laws that forbid the hunting of several threatened species.

All terms and conditions must be clearly outlined. The penalty for any damage to other livestock or plants, including the commencement of forest fires must be carefully specified. Efforts should be made to adhere to the hunting lease as poaching and other illegal activities diminish species and cause extinction as well. Indiscriminate hunting is prevented by such leases.

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