Landlord Tenant Lease

By | April 23, 2012

The landlord tenant lease is an agreement that is created between the landlord and the tenant. This agreement lease contains details about the property, space, guidelines for renting etc. This needs to be created and signed only when both landlord and the tenant are present. The terms and conditions need to be stated for both parties. Since this is a legal contract, a lawyer must be consulted for its formulation. The landlord tenant lease can be used as future reference especially if there is any glitch in payment.

Sample Landlord Tenant Lease

Miss Jenna Hamilton has hired Robert Suarez, attorney at Y & Y Law Firm, for the purpose of going through and negotiating payment details of the landlord tenant lease.

Parties involved:

  • Landlord: Mr. Tim Paine
  • Tenant: Miss Hamilton

Property being leased:

  • A fully furnished two bed room apartment with full access to a private roof which can be refurnished as the tenant wishes.
  • The property is located in 33, Evergreen Terrace, California and is centrally located; both the subway and the bus station are 15 minutes away making it most convenient for daily commuters.
  • Duration of the lease: 3 years, subject to renewal.
  • Date of lease commencement: 4.5.2011.

Payment terms and conditions:

  • Miss Hamilton will have to pay $4000 per month for rent control as well as other maintenance.
  • Besides the rent, Miss Hamilton must also pay $1000 for electricity, water supply and other details mentioned in the agreement contract.
  • All payments must be cleared at the end of each month.

Signature of tenant:    ________________________________

Signature of landlord: ________________________________

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