Lease Agreement Application

By | July 11, 2012

A lease agreement application is an application which a person writes or sends to another person to apply for a lease agreement or a particular lease arrangement. A lease agreement is a formal arrangement which is made between a lessor and a lessee when the lessor allows the lessee to lease a commodity or item for a certain duration of time and in return for a lease payment.

The lease agreement application consists of the details of the lessee and the reason why he/she wishes to lease an item owned by the lessor. Given below is a sample of a lease agreement application which can be used by any person for the purpose of reference.

Sample Lease Agreement Application:

Lease application code: r/90

Lease application date: 12th May 2012

Name of individual applying for lease: Mr. Reynolds Patrick

Address of individual applying for lease: W-90, first floor, Potter’s building, London

Contact number: 4722480972

Name of individual to whom the application is addressed: Mr. Peter Black

Address of individual to whom the application is addressed: D/67, second floor, Martin tower, London

Contact number: 47248994942

Details of item put on lease:

Lease item: Car

Model number: Chevrolet Optra D-Zig

Colour of car: Yellow

The following is the lease agreement application:

I, Reynolds Patrick, a resident of London would like to apply for a lease agreement for the car that you have put on lease. I was informed about the car lease proposal from a friend who happens to be your neighbour and was immediately interested in leasing it. I assure you that you will not get a better lessee for your car and it shall be taken complete care of under my supervision. I am willing to pay a good lease amount for it and would love to hear from you soon about your response to this letter.

Thanking you


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