Lease Agreement Contract

By | November 2, 2011

A lease agreement contract is a document that is framed to specifically state the terms and conditions of a lease agreement drawn up between the lessor and the lessee. The contract serves as a written, legal, and permanent proof of the agreement for having leased some property, automobile, furniture, equipment, etc. for a definite period of time. The contract should clearly include all the important details of the lease agreement, in a clear but precise manner.

Sample Lease Agreement Contract:

This lease agreement contract has been thoroughly read by both the parties involved in the agreement and all legal terms and clauses have been properly understood before signing the deal. It has been approved of by each and every person or company involved that the terms and conditions will be strictly followed under all circumstances throughout the term of the lease. It has also been sworn by the involved parties that all information provided herein are true to the best of their knowledge, and any discrepancy found and proven will be the sole responsibility of the respective party, individual, or company.

This lease agreement contract [number: 189878] has been drawn up on the 17th day of October 2011, to serve as a legal proof of the agreement between the lessee Mark Jacob [address: 19, Lindsay Street, New York] and the lessor Anthony Gomes [residential address: 67/ B, Johnsonn Apartments, New York], for leasing a land, the details of which have been given later. The two parties have entered into this agreement on the 17th of October, 2011 and the contract will remain valid till 17th October, 2021.

Details of land:

  • Plot number: 567A/ 2
  • Area: 14500 sq feet
  • Costs involved: $19250000
  • Use: The land will be used for the purpose of constructing a residential complex, provided with the basic amenities of living. Any other use will be considered as a serious “breach of contract” and will be punishable under the law of the State.


___________________________ [Lessor]

___________________________ [Lessee]

___________________________ [Witness 1]

___________________________ [Witness 2]

___________________________ [Advocate]

Date: 17.10.2011                                                                                            Place: New York

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